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Crazy Water War Crazy Water War

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was a lot better than I thought it would be! The art style and music were really quirky and exciting! And there were some pretty tense moments on the later levels!

Mystery of Willow Mannor Mystery of Willow Mannor

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was... okay.

I'm pretty fond of original ideas. Avatar, The Godfather, and any of Disney's works. But all this game is, is just set pieces of practical movies tied together. A retiring cop on his last call of duty, a house where there have been 'mysterious' disappearances, and to top it all off, you pulled a Fight Club on us, yet without the same shock. You just met this character 'Orion' and knew nothing of him. He had no past to you, no future to you, he had absolutely nothing to you except the supposed skin on his bones. You shoot the groundskeeper, but he suddenly rises from the dead and is out to not let you enter. This typically didn't know what it wanted to be. Did it want to be funny? Did it want to be serious? Did it want to make some of the worst comparisons since Family Guy season 4? Some parts were serious, others just plain stupid. Sometimes things just don't mix. Originality is key, my friend. The only original thing in this game is the artwork which is good enough. I enjoyed looking at the illustrations. I really do not expect a sequel out of this, nor do I want one. No matter what you do to vary this piece with prequels and sequels, and sequels of sequels, and prequels of prequels, it will still linger on every single cliche ever made. I hate to trash on you, I really enjoyed this, but story is a key element in any type of novel, interactive or not. This is just a bit of constructive criticism, and nothing personal.

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tenentenen responds:

Thanks for being honest, I appreciate it, but can anybody name any movie/book that DOESN'T take cues from past works? I cannot. You mention Avatar. Ever seen Pocahontas? Avatar = Pocahontas, yet it's still good. Disney? Took old fairytales and redid them. Originality is subjective and biased, it's all about what you do with it. Also the Lion king = Kimba the white lion

Ever played The ace attorney series? they have a lot of comedy and wit, and yet have murders and serious parts, we really tried to make this have some good content. They can mix

Bottom line, originality is subjective, and this story was written in 72 hours(Do you really expect there to be a long story describing a long series of encounters with Orion?), so we DID take cues from other plots, though I have never seen Fight club, but after reading a plot summary, the plots are simmilar.

Thanks for your opinion.